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Our Mission:


Have you ever compared yourself and felt like you were not good enough? Or wondered how others have it all figured out? Have you been curious and wanted to connect?

Storyo was created to share stories of women and non-binary in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our goal and mission is to show you the vulnerable and honest sides of everyone’s journeys. To show you that we are all here on the same page - raw, unsure, inspired, fighting and figuring stuff out together!


Start with a simple Hello

Kia Ora is a Māori simple, everyday phrase, which you can use to say hello, express gratitude, send love and make a connection.

This website is all about spreading love and connection around in Aotearoa and doing what we can to let more voices join the conversation and be heard.

The Team

We are a humble team of two and a half (Sushi cat is the better half of the team for sure) sharing stories and learning in the process. If you’re interested in joining, head to here.


Steven Male


Elina Ashimbayeva


Sushi Cat


"Because genius is not enough. It takes courage to change people's hearts."

The Green Book


Join the journey

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