From Farm Life to National TV, How Erin Built Her World

When I think to my childhood, it wouldn’t be the same without the memories of rushing home after school with my brother to turn on the Erin Simpson Show.

From farm life to 770 episodes of the Erin Simpson Show, interviewing the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, to delving into the world of art and back again, Erin has achieved a huge amount already and I can’t wait to share her story, and see what she achieves next. 🎉

S: To start off, can you explain who you are and what you do for those few that don't yet know?  

Hi I’m Erin Simpson and if you’re not sure who that is, think Jason Gunn yet the next generation down. Also female, as being a strong, successful, independent female is on trend these days.


Tell me about your journey. From the outside, it seems like a whirlwind adventure. From farm life to studying musical theater, to becoming a star of What Now? and the Erin Simpson Show, and now you're sharing your art to the world! How did the journey happen? What has been the inspiration for each step in your career?

We all have choices! I chose to have a go at doing the things I love and seeing if that can make me money. If it didn’t work I would have a re-think. At the end of the day it’s working and if it ever stops that is still what my plan is.


What blows my mind is that you have risen to the top of not one but multiple career paths. How do you think you consistently built such successful careers?

I’m not sure but I just knew that in order to be successful I needed to have skills so everything I did, I did with the intention of gaining a new skill and/or a new relationship with either a business or someone higher in the food chain than me.



Are there any daily / weekly actions you make consistently that you feel are a big part of your success?

It’s 9pm at night and I am filling out these questions and I actually don’t mind. To be successful you often have to choose work over social times. It can be quite isolating and lonely but to get through, you simply need a bigger picture in mind.

If you today could give yourself advice 10 years ago when you were earlier in your career, what would it be?

Go to the dentist before you are 18 as it’s free, plus have a go at making money off the things you are passionate and good at, if it doesn’t work, invest in getting another skill.



What's your current dream?

To get The Erin Simpson Show up and running again but to the same audience who is a bit older now.


What's your favourite quote at the moment?

‘Content is King’ Janine Morrell Gunn

What's a random fun fact about you that most people don't know?

I’m also a wedding celebrant!


And finally, where's the best place people can find out more about you and follow your journey?

Instagram @erinsimpson13

I recently was nominated for the Social Media Marketing Awards in Australia so I can promise you it’s fun times.

Steven Male